Formed in 1993, Cedaridge is a non-profit Christian ministry, located in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Cedaridge provides food, clothing, other necessities, and spiritual guidance to the poor and homeless in Southeastern Kentucky. We also provide emergency relief to those in need as a result of flood, fire or other calamity. Counties which we target are Whitley, Knox, Laurel, Campbell, McCreary, Scott and Bell.

Cedaridge assists over 355 churches and organizations and approximately 1,500 families representing more than 5,000 individuals. When a church identifies someone in need, Cedaridge steps in to help by performing home visits, background checks and assessments of need. When these steps are completed, Cedaridge notifies the church of their findings and fulfills the request as applicable. This network has enabled us to eliminate some of the abuses typically seen in this type of ministry.

We have people from all walks of life here at Cedaridge. Some have come from the court system to work off community service, while others are individuals working in OWEP programs through Social Services. Some of our workers have been helped by Cedaridge and have volunteered to show their appreciation by donating their time. And of course, there are those of us that are here because it is our chosen life’s work.

It is the purpose of Cedaridge to help any and all individuals that are in need to the best of our ability. As a Christian ministry, we firmly believe that the Lord expects us to minister to others by satisfying both physical and spiritual needs. We help promote self-reliance by providing for families’ basic needs so they can more freely strive toward independence, spiritual fulfillment, and better futures through Jesus Christ.