Cedaridge offers a variety of services to the community meeting both the physical and spiritual needs of individuals.  These services are often aided by Christian groups that come in and work alongside the ministry. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us. For information on an immediate project need, click here.


Clothing is provided to families that are needy because of poverty or because they are victims of fire, first time job employees, or families needing clothing for school. Some clothing is also shipped to Indian reservations.


Furnishings and household goods are given at no cost to families in dire need due to poverty or catastrophic event. Area churches and other organizations also receive furniture for their offices and centers.

Food Distribution

Cedaridge serves as a distribution center, receiving large shipments of food and distributing it locally within the southeastern Kentucky area.  Food is provided to the needy in four ways:

  • Food pantries and churches: these organizations then forward the food to those in their neighborhood.
  • Emergency food bank: providing aid to those families who have suffered a major loss.
  • Seeds: potatoes and other seeds are made available to needy families each spring for planting in their gardens.
  • On-site kitchen: food is prepared for those workers who cannot afford to buy their own food while they are here.


Supplies are donated to families and organizations to use on their homes or places of service. Cedaridge also facilitates the construction effort between national groups and local churches to renovate and build homes for the needy in this area.


Training is provided in the form of structured progressive programs aimed at building both moral and self-esteem. Several people are employed by the country store, while others operate a baler (allowing cardboard and unused clothing to be recycled). These proceeds also help support the ministry.

Thrift Store

Our country store provides low cost items to many people within our area. Items are picked up from around the area as many people donate clothing and other household items. Some items are given free of charge, depending on need. Proceeds from our sales help support our ministry.


Food Distribution

Thrift Store