Project #3 is for Cedaridge Ministries. The current showers available are (10). This project will expand the existing showers. Different teams could take on different tasks/ budgets.
Currently there are (4) showers for Men, (4) showers and a sink for women, and (2) large showers/ tubs. This project will focus on the original (4) Men’s and (4) Women’s Showers. For each, you currently come into the door and enter a hallway that connects to all the showers that are along the perimeter wall. This project will place (4) additional showers in each shower room on the opposite side of the hallway. Ideally, we will make the hallway wider to be 48″. The showers will be either 32″x32″ or 36″x36″ prefab modules with integral walls or pieces. Need to connect to existing water lines and drains. Need to consider running these on a separate 50 gallon tank, or tankless water heater.
Construction Strategies:
  • Construct raised floor that is 6′ wide for both shower rooms. Use 4×4 posts down to existing concrete floor. No need to anchor to concrete floor, but not a bad idea to keep it secure.
  • Bolt to existing band board every 48″ O.C. with 5/8″ bolts, starting at 12″ from each end.
  • Entry door and steps to remain to allow for work to occur while existing are operational
  • Remove exterior walls at addition and provide black plastic covering to maintain operation
  • 2×8 floor joists @ 16″ O.C. for approximately 16-18′ long (need to verify in field). Note that Women’s side has a counter and sink between two showers currently, and is longer. Consider similar setup.
  • Treated plywood flooring to match existing, but prefer 3/4″. Existing may not be treated, but this is recommended.
  • 2×4 walls between each shower. No sheathing on walls, just prefab units will work.
  • Exterior wall to get sheathing to match existing and painted white to match existing. There will be walls on (3) sides at each shower room.
  • Lumber will cost approximately $750.00
  • Shower base and walls will cost approximately $150.00-200.00 each (total of $1200.00-1600.00)
  • Sink and counter for Women’s Shower room: $300
  • All Faucets for showers and sinks: $50 each (total of $450.00)
  • Plumbing pipe for waste and supply: $500.00
  • Paint: $50
Total Budget: $3,250.00-3,650.00