A family of four live in a 12’x65′ trailer that needs repairs inside and out. This project is a level 4-5 out of 5 and therefore experienced individuals are needed. This project involves electrical repairs as well as considerable remodeling of the interior. The total budget for this project is $4,000 – $5950. The project can be sub-divided and tackled by multiple teams.
Issues include the following:
  1. Front door wall has rotted and separated from floor deck.
  2. Exterior sheathing at door has failed.
  3. Front door floor rotted through and needs to be replaced.
  4. Front door has been compromised and should be replaced.
  5. Wall separation in Family room with tree growing into space. Daylight visible.
  6. Sheathing at old restroom needs to be recovered/ holes repaired.
  7. Old restroom was not fully removed on interior. Final studs should be removed so one room can be realized for child.
  8. Holes in floor throughout need to be repaired. Some areas with no holes are weakening.
  9. Holes in walls throughout need to be repaired.
  10. Vinyl wall covering was painted with paint and no binder. Need to start over with Kilz Paint primer and new colors throughout.
  11. Wall at air conditioner rotted from old unit leaking. Needs to be replaced.
  12. Consider new Mechanical Unit for home, but current one appears to be working but not large enough.
  13. Electrical Panel in need of repair. Wiring such that one breaker controlling majority of circuits. Note light fixtures have burned in some rooms and need to be replaced. Panel needs to be rewired by licensed professional. Fire potential.
  14. GFI Outlets need to be installed at kitchen and bathroom. Master Bath electrical has shorted and not working. Cause unknown, but may be in wall wiring or traced back to Electrical Panel.
  15. Tub has crack and rot around perimeter. Repair kit on fiberglass may work, or tub may be too old and brittle. Custom size, and not sure of availability. Wood skirt around is rotting and needs to be removed.
  16. Dumpster needs to be rented and yard debris removed.
  17. Grass needs to be cut, and lawn mower repaired.
  18. Rear and front stairs need to be installed. None present. Front deck 12’x10′ would be beneficial, but stairs at minimum. Approximately 48″ height at front. Rear shown in photo.
Repair Strategies:
  • Recommend 3/8″ treated flooring throughout as much as possible. Need to modify all doors remaining. In many cases, interior doors not working or in disrepair.
  • New metal panels on both sides of front doors and at old bathroom wall from flashing at top of wall to bottom of wall.
  • New treated studs in walls at entry door and other compromised locations in exterior wall (Family Room and Old Bathroom).
  • Electrical Repairs
  • New Flooring throughout after old removed for inspection of existing conditions.
  • Rent dumpster and skid steer to remove all site debris.
  • Exterior Envelope repairs and floor repairs: $1500-2000
  • Wall repairs for exterior and interior: $750-1000.
  • Electrical Repairs: Unknown, but guess $500-750 for breakers and wiring.
  • Yard Debris: $250 for dumpster and $200 for skid steer rental.
  • Front and rear stairs/ deck: $300-500 for wood and concrete.
  • New Finished Flooring throughout (Vinyl Wood look Recommended): $500-1500 depending on level/ quality and supplies needed to glue down.

Total Budget: $4,000.00-5,950.00

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