Experience needed to address issues is moderate to advanced. Budget depends on final repairs and scope of work teams want to tackle, but estimate $2,000-3,000 in material cost. Note that this home is in good shape overall. The main issue is damage to the floors in the master bath and insufficient windows. Although all the windows could be replaced, there are some that need replacing more than others. Storm windows could be a good solution for this home on some of the windows. The ones with the window unit could be replaced. This project is located next to Project #3.


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Exterior & Interior (Moderate to advanced) $1500-3000

1. The Master Bathroom had a leak around the toilet damaging the floor. Tub is no longer used, and shower is small. Would like to remove tub and toilet, and replace floor with treated plywood, either 5/8″ or 3/4″. Verify in the field. Need new 36″x48″ (or may be able to fit 60″) wide shower, 2 piece kit, installed where tub is currently located. Need to make sure you do not impact the window at the toilet. May be able to have 60″ along wall that sink is on. Add a wall at end of shower next to toilet or sink counter depending on orientation of the shower. Install toilet back to original location. Turn existing shower into closet. There is floor damage at the existing shower that needs to be replaced. Hole in floor stuffed with materials. Add a closet door. Door to master closet will remain that is near toilet. Need new vinyl floor in bathroom potentially. Better solution than laminate due to water. May need to add some treated 2x8s in the crawl space to support floor. Sink and counter could be replaced with longer counter once tub is removed, but they seem to be functioning for now. Counter is laminate which will fail eventually.

Knowledge of plumbing is definitely needed for this scope of work. New toilet would be good as well.

2. Windows need to be replaced. May want to look at storm windows in some areas, and replacement in others. Family room with window unit needs to be replaced/ repaired. No insulation present around unit.

3. Install gutters on the home. This will help maintain the integrity of the walls and foundation.

4. Insulation in floor, R-19, would be good. Get’s cold in the winter. However, I believe the windows are the major contributor to this. You may find insulation is already in the crawl space, we did not investigate. Owners would like spray insulation, but that is $5-8/ SF, and not really easy to put into an existing home w/ closed walls and ceilings.

5. Not sure what happened to central air system. Vents are there. many of these homes have had condenser units stolen or duct work removed and sold as scrap metal. It is more efficient to heat and cool with central heat and air vs. a window unit. This work is not included in the budget, but would be worth the investigation to see what needs to be done.

6.  May have been some water damage in the center of he home. Needs to be investigated to make sure nothing is active.

Photos are enclosed. This may be a medium team or smaller 1-2 team effort, with One team focused on the bathroom, the other with the other exterior repairs. Call with any questions on items as this list covers the most critical needs, but there are other items that could be addressed as part of the renovation.