This project is a 14’x72′ trailer with a 10’x15′ addition that is home to a mother and father with four children. It involves both interior and exterior repairs, with priority given to the exterior. The following issues need to be addressed:

Exterior (Advanced) $5000-6000

1. Repairing and installing new gutters would help the life of the home. Water is getting in around windows that have failed, or have the window units. This is causing floor issues inside the home along with water damage from leaking fixtures.

2. Most of the under pining appears to be in good shape, but we did not crawl under the home. Some panels need to be replaced or closed as this keeps the critters out.

3. The addition on the right side of the home will last another 1-2 years at the most in its current state. I needs to be removed and replaced, but that is not always budget friendly. Things that would help would be to put a building wrap over the wood to keep the water from deteriorating it further. Replace the windows as needed, or flash around the windows/ calk to keep water out. Putting vinyl siding would be good to protect this addition. Hardi-siding may be too heavy for this structure to support. Not sure the floor is adequate, but putting a few more block piers under it (3-4 16″x16″ block towers or treated 8×8 posts) would help keep the floor from being so bouncy and tearing away from the existing home.

4. This home could use window replacements. Suggest measuring to see what size is available. If the choice is the same size, then replace the window and trim around the opening with treated wood. If the window option is smaller, close in the gap with treated wood and put vinyl siding over a vapor barrier to protect the trim.

5. Exterior lighting on the porch needs to be wired properly. This is a fire hazard.

6. Exterior condensing unit was stolen, and window units installed. These cause wall and floor damage, along with letting all the conditioned air out as they are not properly installed. Consider new HVAC system, but putting chain link fencing around the unit cemented into the ground with a lockable gate. Fencing should be on all sides and on top, 12″ off the face of the unit. It could still be stolen again, but putting in some security measures would be helpful. This work is not part of the budget, and would be in addition to the budget listed most likely.

7. If the window units remain, then proper installation with insulated baffles around the units would be needed to preserve the home structure long term.

8. Evaluate exterior door at addition to see if need to remain or just wall filled in. Not bad to have second exit from home, but needs to be a secure door with no windows to protect from breaking in. Consider relocating to front of addition if to remain.

Interior (Advanced) $3000.00-4000.00

Note that all interior floor repairs for plywood should be made with treated wood. Verify 5/8″ vs. 3/4″. 3/4″ is preferred. Most likely what caused the damage will persist over time. Treated gives them the best option for surviving the next leak.

1. Interior flooring in trailers is made with glued fiber board typically. This should be outlawed! When it gets wet, nothing happens at first. Then the water dissolves the glue over a few days, and the floor becomes spongy. Never replace damaged floors with anything but treated wood as what caused the damage initially is likely to reoccur. See note above. There are multiple areas in this home with failing floors. The structure supporting the floors will need to be evaluated, but expect no less than 10 sheets of treated plywood to make the repairs. You may need to span in between the steel supports in the crawl space with treated 2x8s to provide support for the cut plywood sections used for repair. Initial evaluation of what is needed to remedy the floors is required, but plan on 2-3 days of work to take care of the repairs.

2. Laminate flooring over the failed subfloor may also need to be replaced. Hard to tell, but 4-6 boxes of laminate flooring may be needed for repairs. Majority was maple in color.

3. The tub/ shower needs to be evaluated for caulking vs. replacement. Not enough time was spent in evaluating, but a two piece is the best way to replace it if needed. Note that the hardware store tends to carry the one piece models, so you may want to consider bringing one with you when you come or preorder the unit. If this house cannot use it, another one can at some point.

4.  There are multiple fire hazards with electrical wiring issues, the most serious being the panel cover not being installed and wiring at the washer dryer. A new washer/ dryer outlet and plug need to be purchased and installed properly. Panel cover is a life risk for the children, and needs to be first priority to repair. Multiple light issues with wiring are also present. All need to be evaluated, but 3-4 must be replaced with new renovation boxes and proper wiring.

5. The lay-in panel ceilings in the bedroom are failing. Easy repair would be to run some wood strips at all the seams if there is something behind the panels to attach to. This would hold them in place. More expensive option would be to replace with sheetrock. However, not sure the capacity of the roof structure. Many trailers use thin boards with vinyl for ceilings. I would call Bryant’s Hardware in Williamsburg to determine what would be acceptable. Currently wasps are coming into the bedroom from around the open light fixture and ceiling panels. Needs to be repaired to protect the family.

6. Damage at windows due to open window units and failing windows needs to be addressed.

7. Leaks at all water sources in kitchen and bathrooms need to be repaired. This has caused floor damage in those areas. Shark bites for fittings at pluming repairs is most time effective method for making the repairs.

8. Doors into the addition need to be made residential style working door. Currently acting as security door.

9. Consider new beds and mattresses for children throughout. Need to look at bedrooms and determine best way to split up the spaces. The addition, if made better, could be a shared bedroom for the older girls. Bedrooms need to priority for social services regulations that all children have separate bedrooms.

10. Need to evaluate if a new washer & dryer is needed. Cedaridge has secured pricing at Bryant’s Hardware for teams to get them for $400 for the washer. This may be a nice surprise/ focus for one of the teams. It was not tested, but current wiring methods do not look friendly for the current units survival long term.

Photos are enclosed. This may be a large team or smaller 2-3 team effort, with one team focused on the addition, the other with the other exterior repairs, and another on interior repairs. Electrician on a team would be required. Call with any questions on items as this list covers the most critical needs, but there are other items that could be addressed as part of the renovation.