Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is there a minimum number allowed on a team?
    • No, any size team will be very welcome.
  2. Where do the groups stay?
    • Cedaridge – $10 a night per person, prepaid
    • Area Motels
    • Mission houses, $10 a night per person
    • Camp (Price set by camp)
  3. Is there a kitchen, or are meals provided?
    • Yes, depending upon your need we are able to supply you with a place to eat or fix your meals. This depends on the number of groups staying at Cedaridge at the time of your stay. If several groups are present, meals will be provided at a cost of $15 (3 meals) per day per person, prepaid.
  4. Does Cedaridge have t-shirts available?
    • Yes, shirts are available for purchase. We need your quantity, size, and payment 30 days before you arrive so they can be ready.
  5. What are the sleeping arrangements at Cedaridge?
    • Bunk beds with mattresses. You will need to bring your linens, pillows, blanket/sleeping bag.  Rooms are separated for male and female. There is also a meeting room provided for you to meet with your group for devotion or Bible study.
  6. Do groups need to bring funds for projects they do?
    • Normally yes. There are some of the projects that the materials can be provided. It will depend on the kind of work or project that you are interested in doing.
  7. Are groups responsible for project expense?
    • Yes. Cedaridge will work to get as many items as possible donated for all projects to be worked on, and these items are made available to the groups as we have them. There are numerous opportunities for groups to work on sites where others have worked, and there is a lot of work that requires less expense than others. It is important that groups be able to share what they feel they will be able to spend on a project so we can better coordinate the work before and after the project.