A home to a mother and father of two children is in desperate need of repairs. The father is on dialysis 8 hours a day and is awaiting a kidney transplant. He wants to help with the repairs but is not able to accomplish much. The home is approximately 30’x45′ and was built in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s. Following is a description of the repairs needed.

Exterior (Advanced Skills Required) $3000.00-4000.00

Priority should be given to the exterior of the home for repairs.

1. Siding on the home is Masonite, which had a class action lawsuit back in the eighties. This siding typically fails at the bottom near the foundation, and where sources penetrate such as pipes. To maintain what is good, two coats of paint every 2 years is required. Replacement of this siding would be ideal at some point, but a quick fix is to remove the bottom 2-3′ and replace with Hardi-panel/ siding. This will maintain the home, but not be a permanent solution.  

2. The sill plate around the home is not treated, which would be required by today’s standards. The current plate looks to be real size lumber, meaning true 2″ thick compared to the 1-1/2″ sits on the block foundation wall. Sill has rotted where it has been exposed by the deteriorating siding. Needs to be removed and replaced with treated 2×4 that sits on the block, and 1/2″ treated plywood on top of that to match with existing. Verify in field first to verify dimensions. We noted a minimum of 24′ of areas that need remediation.

3. Wall joists and stud pack/ columns to support roof loads compromised on right side of home from siding failure. Rotted material needs to be replaced. Approximately (10) 2x4x8 needed in some areas of damage. May be more. Verify prior to ordering materials. Need 7/16″ exterior sheathing to cover over studs, which should be at 16″ O.C. Note that water damage could require 2-3 sheets of sheathing. Will not know until get into repair.

4. On the front of the home, consider replacing some of decking boards where posts were removed, and adding guard rails & handrails at steps.

5. None of the satellite dishes are used, and could be removed. Need to patch roof where they are removed. Not a priority, but will lead to roof leaks eventually if not already. 

6. Left side of the home has a second exit door that is not usable. Need to add a treated deck with steps or treated walkway from the door back to the front of the home. The current front door enters at the kitchen, which is the most common place for a fire. Occupants could use a secondary exit. This door does not currently have rubber gasket around it. See interior photos for daylight surrounding door. May not be an exterior door either.

7. Dogs could use a fenced in area instead of chained to trees. Need to provide gravel around bottom of fence to prevent escape approximately 12″ deep by 12″ wide.

8. Front door needs to have trim installed and gaskets to stop air infiltration.

9. Need to clean up weeds/ poison ivy/ oak growing in back yard and onto home. This will lead to more damage.

Interior (Intermediate Skills Required    ) $2000.00-3000.00

Priority should be on repairs to sheetrock and areas where water damage can occur, or life safety such as enclosing electrical feeder wires to electrical panel. 

1. Kitchen base cabinets and counters have been placed in the space, but not fully connected. Need to look at layout to improve function. May want to build wall at laundry to separate kitchen and laundry. This will provide wall for counter that is perpendicular to exterior wall a place to attach and power to be run for appliances. Could make it a half wall for seating/ at bar height stools/ counter. Then can add new doors to laundry.

2. Remove stove that is not working, and verify what they have works.

3. Hole in wall/ floor at laundry room. Presently has red shirt stuffed in hole to keep unwanted creatures out. Exterior repairs will help this area.

4. New insulation at exterior walls where repairs are completed.

5. All the central air vents and return are still in place. Not sure if a new unit could be provided to bring this back on line. This is more efficient and costs less to run/ maintain than window units. Window units eventually leak, creating more issues for the siding, and typically are not insulated properly which lets all the conditioned air out around the unit, causing condensation. Note that other properties have had units/ condensers stolen, so need to evaluate the best option for this home. If decide to maintain window units, need to seal all the floor vents and insulate/ get insulating kits for window units as needed.

6. Need new flooring throughout. Like to use the laminated flooring that locks together.  Completed. See images below.

7. Need to paint throughout the home. Ceiling sheetrock needs repair in some areas.

8. Sheetrock work at electrical panel to conceal wires and protect children.

9. Sheetrock work at shower to enclose studs and prevent damage in the future.

Photos of the existing conditions are enclosed. Please have team members call if they have any questions.

Shown here are some picture after a team has installed new flooring and repaired some of the exterior siding.